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Mainstream Green – More, More and More!

| Friday January 26th, 2007 | 1 Comment

logo_b2_137x20.gifI’ve been absolutely amazed at the amount of coverage “Green” is getting in business publications lately. The Wall Street Journal is chock full of articles on carbon emissions issues and this week Business 2.0 devoted basically the entire issue to the entrepreneurial potential of clean technology and other environmental strategies. Read the whole thing here or go out and grab a copy, it’s great weekend reading.
The challenge now, of course, is how do we keep the quality from the junk, the green washing from the reality, and the greedy from cutting corners and giving the cynics ammunition. To me it seems like goal number one – convincing business that going green makes business sense – is complete. The challenge now is – how to do it right! That’s where you, dear readers, come into play.

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  • http://www.celsias.com/blog Craig Mackintosh

    I would venture to say that to keep the quality from the junk we need to educate consumers, and to honestly/objectively rank products and services. If consumers get a clear picture of the environmental costs of their purchases (as opposed to fluffy perceptions from media advertising), and are motivated enough, then businesses will have to aim high.
    If businesses are calling the shots, it’ll move slowly, if at all. The current shift and interest in green is the culmination of years of grass-roots activity. Businesses see the writing on the wall now. But, to keep the momentum, the writing on the wall needs to build into a deafening roar of principled consumer demand.
    This demand is finally starting (just starting) to have a similar affect on politicians as well – also critical to the cause.