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New Congress Holds Big Changes for Attitudes on Global Warming

| Tuesday January 2nd, 2007 | 0 Comments

capitol.jpgTake this with whatever political grain of salt you want to come up with, but suffice it to say that the incoming Democratic congress is likely to produce significant changes in the US Government’s attitude towards handling climate change. The following data are from an environmental defense poll of Democratic caucus voters and chairs in Iowa:
# 72% of Democratic caucus-goers say they consider global warming to be extremely (32%) or very (39%) serious. Only 11% dismiss it as just somewhat (9%) or not at all serious (2%). Among Democratic county chairs and vice chairs, 77% think global warming is extremely (37%) or very (40%) serious.
# 69% of caucus-goers and 80% of count chairs/vice chairs say they would be more likely “to support a presidential candidate who made cutting carbon pollution and global warming a big issue in their campaign.”
# Voters either don’t know the likely candidates or where they stand on global warming. In no case are a majority of caucus-goers able to offer an excellent or good rating of likely Democratic candidates’ performance on addressing the issue of global warming (ranging from 42% excellent/good for John Edwards to 28% for Tom Vilsack to 6% for Chris Dodd).

The implications for business are fairly obvious – with more attention to this issue, responsive and proactive businesses stand to profit, those with their heads in the sand stand to stagnate and/or be regulated into a corner.
The rest of the poll can be seen here. (thanks Jessica)


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