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WSJ: Industry Cedes Ground? Really?

| Tuesday January 23rd, 2007 | 0 Comments

climate55.jpgI enjoy reading the Wall Street Journal on a daily basis, but sometimes it really seems like a stodgy old rag – today’s front page headline was a response to yesterday’s press conference by 10 leading companies urging a more proactive stance on climate change on behalf of both government and industry. The Wall Street Journal’s headline was: “In Climate Controversy, Industry Cedes Ground”. (Reprinted here)
Although the article does acknowledge that some companies “see a lucrative new market in clean-energy technologies” the vibe of the article, and the headline in particular, is that industry is somehow “losing” and that there remains a “controversy” over climate change. Indeed there does remain a certain controversy over precisely how to go about addressing climate change from the perspective of industry, but the verdict has long been in that most proactive steps to address climate change will be very good for both industry and economy in the long term. This is partly because the alternative may be collapse, but more so because addressing climate change means doing things more efficiently, and thus more profitably. The only missing ingredient is the right political and legislative climate to favor efficiency instead of a climate that subsidizes waste.


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