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Pablo Paster Makes Market Watch

| Monday February 12th, 2007 | 6 Comments

Our very own pal, Pablo Paster, has a short segment on Dow Jones’ MarketWatch today on home energy efficiency. Watch it right here, and don’t forget to send your questions on sustainability to Pablo at Pablo.paster – at – gmail.com


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  • Xantha

    Very cool and informative little segment – way to go Pablo!

  • http://jetsongreen.typepad.com Preston

    Pretty impressive video…hitting market watch and DJO is big-time.

  • Anonymous

    This rocks! Way to go!

  • Razzu

    Replacing inefficient appliances is a great idea, but let’s not forget that there are energy costs associated with producing and shipping a new appliance and disposing of an old appliance that still works.

  • http://www.SustSolutions.com Janice Neitzel

    Excellent segment, Pablo. Easy to understand tips for everyday life. My questions is about the plugging appliances into a power strip. In the case of a computer, if you shut off a power surge strip, will it no longer protect your computer from power surges?

  • Dave

    Janice – something that isn’t plugged in (or plugged into a switched-off powerstrip) can’t possibly be affected by power surges because it’s not connected to anything ;-)
    I’ve always thought the “power surge” thng was something of a scam anyhow – how often does that really happen? Pablo?