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It’s About Time… Wedding Planning Goes Green

| Monday March 26th, 2007 | 5 Comments

With all the dizzying array of decisions couples must make in regards to planning their wedding, I’m heartened by the fact there are more sustainable choices and resources available. This is particularly on my radar right now because I’m getting married in June. I’m also finding that more and more couples are becoming conscious of how their choices affect the environment and strive to make their big day as sustainable as possible. The media is picking up on it, too, with a whole section of the NY Times recently devoted to green weddings.
As someone about to get married, I can now hire organic caterers, work with a florist who primarily uses locally grown flowers, send our invitations on recycled paper — and work with a green wedding planner. One that I know personally is Presidio School of Management grad Corina Beczner who recently launched Vibrant Events, a green wedding and special event company in the San Francisco Bay Area. The idea formed while she was a student in the two-year Presidio MBA in Sustainable Management program, and in her final semester she created a venture plan in the Capstone course to bring her vision into reality.

Now 9 months after graduation, Corina is a full-fledged green wedding planner who is passionate about helping couples create the wedding of their dreams. She works with them to find the most sustainable vendors — ones that don’t compromise beauty, good taste and affordability. She offers a range of services — from a 9-month plan for busy brides who need help in most aspects of the planning, to a basic DIY customized guide to greening your wedding. With more than 15 years of sustainability experience and the MBA under her belt, Corina is uniquely positioned to be a leader and trailblazer in the Bay Area green wedding business. It’s about time we bring sustainability into this wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime event!
If you’ve got a burning green wedding question, Corina is available to answer you in her “Ask Corina” blog, which is also a great place to brush up on green wedding advice and trends. If you are an MBA Student or recent grad who would like to be showcased here, please let me know! Just email tips-at-triplepundit.


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  • http://www.conciant.com alex bell

    what a great info about wedding plans,really informative and great blog.

  • http://timetoshine.gaia.com/ Corrina McFarlane

    Great article – thank you. The “Wedding Touchstone” Flowgram I made is in the same spirit so am posting the link here:
    Flowgram: “Wedding Touchstone”
    VOWS WILL BE MADE… “A renewed commitment to the freedom and opportunity of (all) people is the touchstone of our time. In this new century, where tests are many and challenges change with the shifting of the wind, we must ….” (finish the sentence according to your high ideals).

  • http://weddings.halbergphotographers.com Tim Halberg/Halberg Photographers

    We’re amped on green weddings here in Santa Barbara and are excited to be promoting this more and more!!
    Glad to see others out there working to help create less waste and more awareness about this in the wedding industry

  • http://www.flowergirldressforless.com Flower Girl

    Great Blog….This is a good blog the writer makes several great points….I enjoyed to be here because one of my point has been cleared here…..the posts are also great….

  • http://www.MerrylBrownEvents.com Merryl Brown, President, Merryl Brown Events

    We are really excited about the amount of interest in green weddings and events in Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas. It is great to see how many people all over the country are moving in this direction. It is an important shift and one that will have a huge impact on our environment.