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Yahoo Goes Carbon Neutral

| Wednesday April 18th, 2007 | 2 Comments

yahoo-logo.jpgDespite recent controversy about whether or not carbon neutrality is all it’s cracked up to be, Yahoo is going carbon neutral and that’s a good thing. Yahoo will invest in a variety of projects in renewable energy and other “greenhouse gas reducing” activities. Obviously such things are only a first step toward real eco-effectiveness, but it’s an outstanding move for Yahoo that will pay off, not just for the company, but for parties all over the world.


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  • http://www.picsearch.com Carl Sarnstrand

    Congratulations to Yahoo for trying to be carbon free. Yahoo might be the world’s second carbon free search engine if they succeed in doing what they are planning. The world’s first search engine is Picsearch who launched its environmental program a month ago. You can read more about Picsearchs carbon free search here: http://www.picsearch.com/menu.cgi?pl=en&item=PR_20070322
    Best Regards
    Carl Sarnstrand

  • The Gardener

    Business and IT make an serious effort to cut GHG emissions and tackle climate change.
    Most of companies approve the global struggle and try to show a way of struggling.
    Well,basically, They said it & wrote it, but in reality it is not the same.
    I live in London and I was in covent garden last saturday evening, just next to yahoo offices and lights were still switched on…….
    I don’t think the solution is only advertising our green touch.
    We want action!