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The Greening of Trafalgar Square

| Thursday May 24th, 2007 | 4 Comments

It’s amazing the difference a little green makes. Perhaps inspired by San Francsico’s PARKing project, but with a much grander scale in mind, a group promoting tourism in London has temporarily ‘greened’ Trafalgar Square.
It’s not a permanent installation (I can only imagine how quickly that grass would be trampled) but it really looks great. Trafalgar Square has always been grand, if a little stoic, but that grass really looks great and livens up the place in way almost no human-made object can.


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  • Nate

    Fantastic. They should consider making it permanent. A little more green in the world is a good thing!

  • http://shop.gocarbonfree.com/ Kristina

    I was down at Trafalgar last weekend, and I must say the green grass was lovely. I don’t think it could withstand more than a weekend though, with so much foot traffic.

  • Pavle Terzic

    I` m from Serbia and I`ve never been to London,but my greatest wish is to visit it one day and see all the sights.

  • http://quenchonline.com Quench water coolers

    I hope the park becomes permanent like in San Francisco — Maybe this will help the city become a larger entity in the eco-sustainability movement