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Wal Mart Videos to Peruse this Weekend

| Thursday May 24th, 2007 | 2 Comments

I’m taking off for the long weekend and I highly recommend you do the same. All work and no play ya know. But here’s a Wal Mart Video featuring Andy Rubin, Adam Werbach and others talking about CFLs, along with a whole host of others. It’s a veritable youtube of options. The one about skylights in Kansas City is noteworthy.
It’s basically a bunch of advertisements, but some of them are very well done and worthy of merit. Of course the question is, what’s going on behind this propaganda? For the most part I’m still giving Wal Mart the benefit of the doubt as there is clearly a lot of sincerity behind many of their efforts. But I’m stuck wondering – is the big-box model itself inherently flawed in terms of the context of either environmental or social sustainability? That’s my thought for the weekend.


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  • Edward Romanoff

    Re: the green social entrepreneurship …
    Please acquaint yourself with the modern social entrepreneurship, http://www.motionmetrics.org

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    The idea of creating sustainable corporations, especially in regards to large corporations is essential as I stated in my previous comment.