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CNN Article Moves Green Even More Mainstream

| Tuesday July 31st, 2007 | 1 Comment

solarIndia.jpgHave a look at this article on CNN: “Solar Power Makes Tiny Village Beam“. It’s a fantastic story featureing not only environmental progress, but human happiness and bottom of the pyramid economic progress. But if you spend any time reading TreeHugger, this blog, or many others, the story isn’t a whole lot unlike the dozens we dig up every day.
What makes this one significant is that all afternoon it’s been the featured story on the CNN front page. What’s going on? Either there haven’t been any terrible disasters lately, or some editor has finally taken a big leap and grabbed a typical 3P/TreeHugger piece and brought it to the next level of mainstream consciousness. This can only be good for all concerned. What’s next?

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  • Patricia Jeanne Tam

    I own and operate home based manufacturing business Amigo’s Bones and I bake my homemade organic dog treats with SUN ENERGY!!
    My blog is:
    Why are not animal concerns expressed within this conceptual unit of businesses of a sustainable nature? I have a bone to pick that are not organic dog treats! The fact there are no records of licensed dogs kept! What about the number of spayed and neutered animals, what records are kept about this issue? It, to me has far reaching accountabilities toward cruelty to animals and the resultant or symptomatic sustainable treatment of our fellow human beings!
    We don’t care about our pets really except that a few influential people with a lot of money are appeased on the issue of cruelty towards animals by neuter and spay procedures costing $100 each animal. But no records are kept of those operations.
    It is the realization that impacted me to rampage the blog sites with this issue, the realization that money and disdain are the factors governing the issue about cruelty not love.