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Whole Foods Selling $15 Shopping Bags… Lots of ‘em

| Wednesday July 18th, 2007 | 4 Comments

designer-bag.jpgGetting rid of our incredible plastic bag glut is a monumental challenge with all sorts of approaches. Whole Foods seems to have come up with another one, which is working out great financially for the company as well. WF is offering “designer” shopping bags at a (pretty steep) $15 each to shoppers. They look cool and have comfy straps as a bonus. But will people pay that much for a shopping bag? Evidently yes, as people literally lined up around the block in New York to buy them. (more on CNN Money) (thx, JPW)


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  • Anonymous

    Materialistic answer to the problem, but maybe its the only way for some people.

  • Anonymous

    Well, it’s what I’d call a baby-step. Still a good thing though!

  • dlogan

    I’m amused. Go green! Buy designer bags!

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