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Online Bill Pay Saves More Than Just Trees

Sheila Samuelson | Friday August 17th, 2007 | 2 Comments

Scientific American points out that the benefits of online banking and billing reach beyond saving trees. Reducing paper use also reduces the resources needed to make, ship and discard the paper.
Imagine every US household opting to receive no paper bills or bank statements. The fuel saved (26 million BTUs) in this scenario would power San Francisco for a year, and 16.5 million fewer trees would be cut down annually. 20,000 swimming pools full of water would be saved and 56,000 garbage trucks of solid waste would be eliminated. Air pollutants and particulates would be cut, contributing to increased air quality. And the cost? Just displacing a few electrons to receive your bills and statements online.
53% of households do their banking online already. If you’re ready to go paperless, ask your bank, utility, phone and cable companies, etc. how to stop paper mailings on your account.
Article from One Shade Greener


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  • Green man

    16.5 fewer trees per person or total!? That number seems low or high depending.

  • http://kowai.wordpress.com Shawn

    Hehe, it’s 16.5 million trees. But 16.5 is funny when you see it amongst all those huge numbers. Seriously, they could round up to 17 trees =)