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Beyond Grey Pinstripes 2007 Rankings Out Now

| Friday October 12th, 2007 | 0 Comments

wsj-image.jpgEveryone loves rankings, and when the prize is the honor of being the most highly regarded source for an environmentally and socially sound business education, the honor feels especially good. This year, the glory falls upon Stanford who will receive top honors in the biennial “Beyond Grey Pinstripes” rankings put out by the Aspen Institute.
This year’s evaluators combed through thousands of pages of data to arrive at their conclusions taking into consideration the number of classes where sustainability is a key component to the published works of faculty members. The rest of the top 10 are the University of Michigan, York University, University of California, Berkeley, University of Notre Dame, Columbia University, Cornell University, Duquesne University, Yale University, and Instituto de Empresa.
Puzzling however, is the absence of three newer MBA programs who have devoted 100% of their curriculum to the study of sustainable business practices – The Bainbridge Graduate Institute, Dominican, and The Presidio School of Management.

For full disclosure, I am a graduate of the Presidio program.
My assumption is that these innovative programs are so new, that they don’t qualify for the Beyond Pinstripes Ranking for dearth of data or another technical reason. It’s also possible that the size of the schools are so small that the numbers don’t add up. Presidio, for example has 16 classes devoted to sustainability which represents 100% of the curriculum. Stanford’s percentage is lower, but their 17 classes trip the computer, perhaps.
Nonetheless, it’s disappointing to see so little mention of programs that, although lacking in the history and resources of the more established schools, are certainly taking a very pioneering angle on things.


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