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Clinton Climate Initiative Boom Hits All Economies

| Tuesday October 9th, 2007 | 0 Comments

earth-443.jpgThe Clinton Climate Initiative’s C4O program is a $5 Billion fund to make 40 selected cities significantly more energy efficient by promoting greener building and other best practices. The money is coming from several of the world’s largest banks and a number of companies will be involved in providing engineering, consulting and auditing services.
It’s an obvious boon to the cities in question, as well as to other cities who might learn by example or get free advice, not to mention the long term economic and environmental benefits of simply saving on energy consumption. Here’s another story that hits home – smaller economies, such as Milwaukee’s (as described in this article) which does not fall on the list of recipients, will benefit hugely by virtue of the fact that Johnson Controls is headquartered there and has chosen to jump on this opportunity. Kudos to them, and kudos to the author of the article who is helping to turn local sentiment greener by making mention of this.


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