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Green Roofed Gas Stations?

| Friday October 12th, 2007 | 0 Comments

grass1012_125x75.jpgWhether or not a gas station can be LEED certified, I’ve no idea, but this creative entrepreneur in Port Washington, WI plans to give his gas station a green roofed touch. Not only that, but he plans to build it into a hillside so that the roof becomes the “front yard” of the building higher up the hill (which happens to be his house). That way, not only is he combating drainage and doing away with an “eyesore”, he’s also differentiating his product.
Like Al Johnson’s Sweedish Restaurant, famous for not only having a green roof, but for having goats on it to keep it “mowed”, that extra touch may be what it takes to make his station stand alone from others in town. I can picture kids begging their parents to stop for gas there so they can stand under the green roof

Strictly speaking, this may or may not have any real measurable green qualities the way a LEED certified architect might analyze it, but that’s really besides the point. It’s a smart move in a green direction by a saavy entrepreneur, and it will raise awareness of the concept of green roofs for miles around.
(image swiped from JSOnline)


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