Watch out wood, make way for AAC!!

aircrete.jpgA unique product called Autoclaved Aerated Concrete or better remembered as AAC is coming to the Wild West. A fan of this intriguing product described AAC as concrete that thinks its wood. It differs from standard concrete mainly by the millions of tiny air cells which give AAC it’s amazing insulating properties. Although the advantages over wood seem to be many this funky building material is rarely used and few developers have even heard of it. Availability and education are to blame, but that will all change rather quickly as the word spreads and as the industry brings the superior product to the masses. The West’s first plant will be opening in Kingston, AZ in 2009.
Some highlighted features follow:
Energy-Efficient- low in embodied and operational energy, thermal advantages
Fire Resistant- can withstand direct flames up to 1900 degrees F
Sound Absorbent- thanks to a pore content of approximately 80%
Weather Resistant- wind tough, water and moisture resistant
Long-Lasting- durable as concrete
Environmentally Sound- recyclable, non-toxic, high raw material-product ratio
Pest Resistant- say goodbye to termites
Easy to Use- workable as wood, comes in pre-cut panels or in blocks
Versatile- easy to work with and can be cut and shaped with hand tools
Lightweight- a dry density of 550kg/m3, weighing in at one-fifth normal concrete