Water Cops: USA Today article highlighted

Wednesday’s (10.17.07) USA Today featured a story titled: Sprinkling the lawn? Look out for H20 cops
“Drought-Stricken areas serious about water limits” The article is about the fines that are being slapped on homeowners for watering their lawns in Georgia during water restrictions resulting from a drought.
I felt this article fell inline nicely with my Netafim article on subsurface irrigation. Over watering in high-density suburbs where water shortages can strike at any time could be easily avoided through water wise irrigation methods. The source of the problem begins well before the unconscious consumer who waters their lawn unefficiently and wastefully. In my opinion it begins with the city planning departments who allow developers to build unrestricted in their use of water. Proper CCNR’s would effectively control the home owner from installing wasteful irrigation systems and water leaching plants. At the current rate of population growth world-wide and the simple fact that our fresh water supplies are finite is it not painfully clear that water flow should be wisely managed?