SafeTouch Insulation: So Long Fiberglass

A brilliant new product has hit the market in the form of insulation without the irritating fiberglass found in its predecessors. This material caters to all those do-it-yourself handymen and women out there who have long dreaded installing insulation thanks to the glass dust and itchiness associated with fiberglass. Dow Chemical Company has recently introduced the solution. Welcome SAFETOUCH, fiberglass-free insulation.
It is a plastic fiber batt insulation that has the same R-value as fiberglass minus the common side effect of dust and itching. The only tool required is a utility knife, and let’s not forget, you can toss your goggles, work gloves and face mask because it’s just that simple to work with. Having trouble with those tough to reach spots and drafty little gaps, no problem, just rip off a piece and stuff it in those crevices and narrow, irregular spaces. As like any good batt insulation this material can support its own weight and hold itself into the desired position when placed in a stud bay. It’s so easy to use just about anyone can create a more comfortable and energy efficient building.

SAFETOUCH is made up of the same types of fibers used to make clothing and bedding eliminating the negatives of its irritating fiberglass cousin. It lacks any formaldehyde binders, borates or acrylic binders, which are often found in many other traditional insulation products making Safe Touch better for the resident and the environment.
But hold up, the downside is also clutched on the heels of this Safe Touch insulation, it is costly, averaging a price hike of a whopping 66% premium per square foot for R-13. You can purchase fiberglass for around 40 cents per square foot and the added convenience of this fine filler is a lofty 64 cents comparatively. When you consider the sharp bills attached to labor these days, you might actually come out on top if you install this extremely user friendly product yourself.