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San Francisco Carpet Recycling – An Entrepreneur in the Making

| Monday November 5th, 2007 | 7 Comments

carpet-recycle.jpgSan Francisco set the ambitious goal of 75% waste diversion by 2010 and has already achieved 69%. Since carpet currently makes up anywhere from 2%-5% of what goes into landfills in California, carpet recycling stands to make a good dent in that remaining 6% diversion goal. As it turns out, that 6% offers a nice niche for an enterprising entrepreneur to enter.
SF Carpet Recycling was launched today, and owner, Ellen Raynor points out, “For every 10 million pounds of carpet that is recycled, 70 million pounds of greenhouse gases are avoided and 50,000 cubic yards of landfill is saved. Carpet recycling is creating jobs in San Francisco, feeding a sustainable cradle-to-cradle product, and less costly than the landfill.”
Much of the carpet that the company will accept is recycled into new carpet and the remaining carpet and pads are down-cycled into various other products.


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  • Chris

    This is a great business idea because it’s filling such an important need!

  • Anonymous

    That is putting words into action and should serve as an example. Great initiative, let’s all support it.

  • Scott

    This is an inspiring business! We spend so much of the world’s resources into a product we treat so disposably – it’s great to see someone address it head-on.

  • Chell

    I just dropped off some carpeting there this morning. SF Carpet Recycling is a fantastic service and Ellen, who works there, is wonderful!

  • Anonymous

    You should ask her where it really goes, straight to fresno and then to the landfill to clog it up.

  • dan

    Do you really want to know where her carpet goes? The only thing that she is doing is helping her bank account. Email for more details

  • Jim Szopinski

    Good luck from your friends at CLEAR Carpet Recycling.