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EPA vs. California: A Follow-Up on Carbon Emission Regulation

| Thursday December 20th, 2007 | 1 Comment

EPA reject waiver for California lawI reported last week on the latest court ruling establishing California’s right to regulate tailpipe greenhouse gas emissions. Sixteen other states have similar laws on their books and in four occasions, including the ruling last week, courts have consistently found in favor of states’ rights on this issue. Additionally, the Supreme Court has ruled that regulation of greenhouse gases falls under the agency’s purview.

Thus, it seemed all that was now needed was for the EPA to grant the required waiver allowing California (and the 16 other states) to implement their legal rights and move forward with steps to curb CO2 emissions.

Not so fast. Yesterday, after a delay of two years, the EPA denied the waiver and the roadblock in Washington remains.

This is very disappointing to me and emblematic of the sort of leadership George Bush has offered on climate change throughout his tenure as president.

If you’re interested in the scope of that disappointment, read my full post on the decision at GlobalWarmingisReal.com (be forewarned, I let my politics hang out at GWIR!)

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