Green Class Meters: Energy Monitoring

Are you curious to know your energy consumption within your home or business? Here is a simple and easily integrated device for your home or business. Considering the world-wide focus on green building sustainability this is a good measurement point for determining your energy consumption. E-Mon has recently introduced a line of Green Class meters. The E-mon D-mon Green Class meters are a useful tool for monitoring your energy usage data.
The meters provide a wealth of information such as usage trends and a record of the impact that your home or business is having on the environment. For example, a responsible business recently incorporating an energy retrofit will be able to verify the continual effectiveness of an energy savings initiative. It can even be displayed as a statement piece in a lobby or waiting room, highlighting your company’s resolve on reducing its footprint.

There are a variety of different meters with a large spectrum of energy monitoring and management capabilities. Whether you want to know where and when energy is being used in locations throughout your building or multi-housing community
E-Mon has the meter to meet your needs. These meters provide the accurate and specific data so that tenants, managers and professionals can take the necessary steps to curtail energy usage and further reduce energy consumption costs. Another fine feature of these meters is the integrated remote system that allows for energy monitoring without disruption thanks to the E-Mon Energy software. This software allows users to generate usage statements, tenant bills and energy graphs.
Built-in wireless transmitters permit the nergy data to be interpreted through a innovative wireless mesh communication network. Intelligent routing energy data between the meter and a central data storage unit works in the most energy efficient manner. Via internet or Ethernet connections,the system automatically configures the various components to function properly within the network to decrease and minimize set-up and maintenance.
E-Mon meters present a scrolling display of kWh usage, current demand load (kW) and estimated CO2 emissions in lbs. They can also provide kWh of usage in dollars, cost per hour based on current load, hourly CO2 emissions based on current load and optional net metering, fairly covering delivered, received and net usage.