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The MS Beluga Skysails Leaves Port on her Maiden Commercial Voyage

| Tuesday January 22nd, 2008 | 1 Comment

MS Beluga Skysails sets out on its maiden commercial voyageLast month I wrote about an innovative idea from SkySailsof Hamburg Germany set to make shipping more energy efficient while reducing carbon emissions (merchant shipping accounts for some 800 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year): A computer controlled, deployable kite system that harnesses the wind and, under ideal circumstances, can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% – a very old idea utlizing the latest technology.

To update the story, the MS Beluga Skysails set sail today from the northern Germany port of Bremerhaven on her maiden commercial voyage, carrying parts for wind turbines (ironically enough) to Guanta Venezuela.

The voyage is the first of a series of practical tests in which SkySails hopes to fully prove their system to the wider shipping industry.

We’ll keep an eye on the Beluga Skysails as the voyage progresses.

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  • John Taylor

    Skysails carrying wind turbines.
    We must listen to the voice of the wind that tells of power and energy waiting to be harvested. We have far better options than polluting the wind with fossil fuel effluent.
    This is a voyage of Hope for a changed future.