In-house Gray Water Systems: Simple solutions for water management

Nearly half the water used in the home is flushed down the toilet. There are many solutions for under sink gray water units that help save and recycle usable water. A strong contender among the competition is the AQUS gray water system which efficiently captures the water from the sink and transfers it to the flusher. This handy unit can save up to 7 gallons of water per person each day, that figure adds up real quick.
The trick? The sink water first runs through a simplified dispenser or filter of sorts that houses bromine and chlorine tablets. These tablets kill the bacteria from the polluted sink water. A 5.5 gallon holding tank lies beneath your vanity and is attached to the dispenser. A modified p-trap directs the water from the sink through the dispenser and into the tank.

A small copper or flex tube is directed from the holding tank into the toilet bowl tank to facilitate the transfer of water. A fill-control device attached to the back of the toilet impedes the float valve from filling your toilet with freshwater. Instead, the gray water from the vanity holding tank enter the toilet bowl through two tubes which enter through drilled out bolts that will simply replace the bolts on any standard toilet.
The system is effective, cheap, and easily maintained. I know of two developers in my neck of the woods who have begun installing these in their developments. The cost and labor to install them is cheap compared to the publicity and wow-factor that they claim helps sell them homes in the current tough residential market. In many ways, these kinds of simple and eco-friendly solutions are helping businesses profit while at the same time establishing higher demand for environmental sound alternatives and products.
Most of the units out there run between $200-300. That cost can be regained quickly. For example by simply installing more efficient toilets with low flow flush and a smaller holding tank you can save $100 a year. These toilets use 60 percent less water than the pre-1994 model toilets. If you were to couple low flow toilets with a gray water flush system the saving s could be significant especially considering the inevitable shortages on fresh water that threaten all of us in years to come.