VIVAVI: Eco-friendly furnishings, design, build, connections

vivavi-logo.jpgThose of you with big wqallets and a strong desire to go green with furnishings in your home or office should not overlook It is a site that offers a large variety of modern green furnishings from some of the industry’s top designers and manufacturers. I myself simply had a great time shopping through the site and viewing the unique and inspiring green pieces they offer. From vine-wrapped lounge chairs to bamboo dining sets and LED lighting, Vivavi offers it all in a convienent and user friendly online hub.
The site is very simple and yet sophisticated. The founder, Josh Dorfman, created a user firendly and versatile site that offers more than meets the eye. Not only is it a portal for green funishings but it also offers access to home design, architects, green builders, realtors and remodelers. Secondly, it even connects users to geen apartments, condos and residential communities. This site is worth checking out for the green enthusiast.