To All Major Retailers: Start Charging for Plastic Bags, NOW!

bagthebag.gifOver the past year, many leading companies have taken proactive steps to minimize their use of resources that clutter up our landfill. European retailers IKEA and Marks & Spencer have started charging customers up to 10 cents per plastic bag.
Not only are these companies realizing the environmental benefits of charging for plastic bags, but also seeing the financial benefits, along with the positive branding, and philanthropic benefits (Marks & Spencer donates profits to improve parks and play areas across the country) as well.
Am I missing something here, or is this a huge WIN/WIN for everyone involved? Charging for plastic bags supports people, planet, AND profits. Click below to read my solutions!

wholefoodsbag.jpgWhy aren’t other major retailers and grocers following suit? One can only guess. My opinion is that charging consumers money for plastic bags is smart business because it: a) saves valuable environmental resources, b) keeps clutter (that takes thousands of years to break down) out of our landfills, garbage, sewers, and lakes, c) saves the retailers money, d) gives retailers an opportunity to educate consumers about recycling and smart resource use, e) allows retailers to actually make more money by selling reusable bags, f) gives retailers an opportunity to give back to the local communities by donating some of the profits, g) builds a loyal and trusting consumer base which leads to increased positive brand value and mindshare.
I do know that US grocer Whole Foods has stopped using plastic bags all together in two of their Texas stores with plans to stop using plastic bags in all their stores countrywide by early 2009.
Does anyone have an opinion on why other US retailers and grocery chains are not following in IKEA and Marks & Spencer’s footsteps to jump in front of this opportunity?