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Do You Have a Sustainable Mindset?

| Tuesday April 22nd, 2008 | 0 Comments

duquesne.jpgDuquesne University’s Sustainable MBA program is regarded as among the top ten in the world. A recent post on their website sums up seven mindset qualities that are critical for leadership in sustainable business. They’re worth checking out:
1. The Sustainability Mindset – You question rhetoric and use data to guide decisions, take risks and predict implications across organizational, social, political and economic landscapes.
2. The Authentic Mindset – You admit what you don’t know, fiercely insist on disclosure and have the resilience to deal with setbacks.
3. The Collective Mindset – You can build the collective capacity of teams and organizations. You negotiate effectively to implement change, and mobilize others through clear communications and strong advocacy.
4. The Global Impact Mindset – You understand the influences and impacts of the global economy. You also anticipate how new developments in natural and social sciences will intersect with sustainability.
5. The Analytical Mindset – You can apply business theories and relevant data to solve complex business problems.
6. The Holistic Mindset – You use a big-picture view of organizations to frame and critically analyze ill-defined problems and map out the cause/effect relationships of social systems.
7. The Creative Mindset – You can synthesize seemingly independent pieces of information, adapt and deal with new problems.
More at duq.edu


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