Business Call to Action Day – TODAY

business-day-of-action.jpgToday, a dozen companies will reveal plans to implement business expertise, including the use of their technology and innovations to serve poverty alleviation within the Majority World.
At the event in London, over 80 multi-national business executives will display innovations to tackle poverty. Such initiatives are hoped to create jobs and through targeted economic growth improve the lives of poor people in Africa and Asia. The move comes in light of the Millennium Development Goals and UN promotion of collective action in achieving these objectives. The United Nations Development Programme with the UK Government promoted the event and reported that

one of the greatest untapped resources is the private sector….(and that)…such creative approaches and partnerships are essential in catalysing vibrant new markets that can contribute to advancing inclusive growth and development (Mr. Dervi≈ü).

Collaboration in development is a strongly useful method and this initiative shows signs of the types of partnerships needed to lift people out of poverty. However, such business efforts should be closely monitored and evaluated to ensure appropriate standards are met across health, social and environmental considerations. Furthermore, a worrying development may be the increased homogenization of culture through the expansion of big business into smaller communities.

Businesses initiatives should be tailored to local circumstances, not replicated globally as a blue-print model. Measures should be in place to protect the interests of local businesses and culture. Without these safeguards and enhanced local education underdevelopment may occur, as exists already in many places in the world where you can find children below the age of 1 drinking Coca-Cola from their bottles instead of their mother’s (or anothers) milk.
This initiative shows positive steps towards achieving economic growth and it is hoped that efforts are continued to protect culture and our environments. More information can be found within a video and audio news release at or from the UK Government and UN websites. You can also watch live blogging of the event at