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Companies Show Improvement in Climate Footprint – With a Long Road Still Ahead

| Friday May 16th, 2008 | 0 Comments

Climate Counts releases their second annual scorecardClimateCounts.org, a non-profit organization funded by Stonyfield Farm, has a mission to “bring consumers and companies together in the fight against global climate change”. The principal tool used to achieve that is the Climate Counts Company Scorecard rating the “climate commitment” of 60 major corporations across 9 industry sectors. In collaboration with Clean Air-Cool Planet, ClimateCounts released their first annual scorecard last year.

ClimateCounts determines if a company is stuck, starting, or striding toward climate responsibilityThe scorecard, based on 22 criteria (pdf), showed if a company was “stuck”, “starting”, or “striding” toward climate responsibility.

Last week ClimateCounts released their second annual scorecard showing that, overall, businesses have improved since one year ago. The average company score rose 22%, or a 39 out of 100 (0 = really [really] bad; 100 = phenomenal (to which no company comes close).

Some companies are a bit cool to the whole idea behind ClimateCounts. Amazon, who managed to pull their score from a zero all the way up to a blistering high of five, shrugs off the rating, citing “significant progress” in reducing their carbon footprint. (five being infinitely better than zero).

Companies like Google, who has pledged to become carbon neutral, showed a bit more enthusiasm for the project, and rightly so, rising 38 points from last year to 55.

A breakdown by ranking shows Nike at the top with an 82 and Wendy’s International in a dead heat for last place with Jones Apparel Group, Darden Restaurants, and Burger King, all scoring zero.


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