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Weekly Wrap up of Green Business Online

| Friday August 29th, 2008 | 1 Comment

As part of a new effort to reach out to our friends across the Green Business Blogosphere, this is the first installment of our weekly Friday wrap of interesting things we’ve found this past week on. Follow the links to find out more and join the conversation below this post. We’re all in this together!
gb-mic.gifRed State or Blue, Green Conventions are on the Way
From GreenBiz: Democrats and Republicans alike are claiming their respective political conventions will be greener than anything that’s been seen before. Who’s exaggerating and who’s not?
gb-alagar.gifWorld’s largest car rental fleet maps out green and gooey future
From Business Green: Enterprise Rent-A-Car will invest vast sums of money into vase field of green algae. The hope – that algae based biofuels may some day power their fleet.
gb-alagar.gifHow To Avoid Eco Fatigue – What Ecopreneurs Need To Know
From Ecopreneurist: Seven handy tips for the entrepreneur to keep the focus on green even when the going gets tough.

gb-alagar.gifIndustry Failing to Calculate Complete Carbon Footprints, Researchers Say
From ClimateBiz: Industry isn’t even close to realizing a full measurement of their carbon footprint.

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