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Cheap Wine Box Kingpin Flaunts Sustainable Tradeshow Booth

| Friday September 26th, 2008 | 3 Comments

You know Tetra Pak boxes– those cubes of cheap wine made of multiple layers of foil, and paper, right? Though they’re technically recyclable, it’s not exactly easy or economical do do it. But did you know Tetra Pak is committed to sustainability? They had a booth at the recent Natural Products Expo West 2008 trade show, and because they are “a natural products” company, they wanted to make a little video showcasing how green their booth was. That’s right. Not their products, just their tradeshow booth.

I love it when Lawrence the Tetra Pak employee calls it “renewability.”
*ed note - there is legitimate argument that since TetraPak boxes are so much lighter than wine bottles, they do in fact save a lot of carbon in the shipping process, which is not trivial. Still, I’d rather hear about that than the tradeshow booth.


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    This is a good example of “greenwashing” (i.e. the aluminum wax paper juice boxes that say they can be recycled but are very expensive to recycle). We see the same thing in the tradeshow booths industry with vendors claiming to make “green trade show booths”. Some “claim” it. Some actually do it.
    Regarding wine, give me a good old fashioned GLASS wine bottle any day! :)