Clorox Cleans Up with Green Cleaning Products

greenworks_logo.jpgThe Clorox Green Works line has been a contentious topic for the susty crowd in recent months due to Sierra Club’s endorsement of the line in exchange for an undisclosed sum. Some 3Pers say that all is well and good when more people have the chance to buy green cleaning products from a line they trust, others say Sierra Club sold out to the man in exchange for a measly buck.
Well, the results are in at least for Clorox’s bottom line. The Green Works line is on track to earn Clorox $40 million this year. This is good news all around. Here’s why: the market is growing rapidly for a green product, making it easier for all of us to make the business case for sustainability. Second, it turns out that Clorox is sweeping up market share in the green cleaning product space. This is not to say that sales are down for Method and Second Generation, quite the contrary. Green Works is actually luring customers away from traditional cleaning products rather than the eco-alternatives. Clorox managed to create demand for its green product among people who were buying traditional cleaning products filled with bleach, ammonia, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)!
The word is still out on whether the Sierra Club’s partnership with industry will have long term impacts on their environmental cred.
Readers, what do you think? Will Clorox’s move into the green space continue to pay off for their bottom line? Will the Sierra Club come to regret their decision to endorse a product line from a big bad company?
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Jen Boynton

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