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UPS Alternative-Fuel Vehicle Press Conference

3p Contributor | Monday October 27th, 2008 | 10 Comments

We’ve talked about UPS a lot recently on 3P in terms of their highly successful efforts to reduce energy and fuel consumption. From reducing the number of left-turns on a route to various experiments in hybrid and alternative vehicles, UPS has done a lot to earn our accolades. What’s next up their sleeve?
We’re excited that UPS has asked 3P’s Tom Schueneman to be present at their latest Alternative-Fuel Vehicle Press Conference and will broadcast the conference here on this page. Representatives of UPS, the EPA, Eaton, and Navistar will be present as the next phase in UPS’ commercial fleet strategy is announced.
The Press Conference is Archived Below. Please enjoy! As always, leave your comments and reactions

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  • Jenna

    Oh no – I lost the sound. Not sure if it’s just my computer or not.

  • Paul Abelson

    Please repeat the questions.

  • Paul Abelson

    Please repeat the questions.

  • Paul Abelson

    We still cannot hear the questions. Please ask the speakers to repeat them.

  • Jerry S

    Video is playing great, but Paul’s right, you can’t hear the questions. Would be best if they repeated them on the mic!

  • Tom

    For all those that had problems with hearing the questions, the video team tried to get a mic to those of us asking questions, but some asked questions off-mic and the panel didn’t repeat. However, I’ll be covering all the information that might have been missed, as well as a full report on my afternoon with the folks from UPS, Eaton, Navistar, and the EPA in subsequent emails.
    In the meantime, please let us know if you have any questions. No microphone needed!
    -Tom, reporting from Atlanta

  • mk

    hi. are you guys going to post an archive of the conference here?

  • Terry Jake

    Tom – thanks for being there. 7 vehicles doesn’t sound like a while lot to me, but I guess it’s a start. Any word on their long term plans for even more creative things? Like mini-electics in major cities? Aerodynamics for their long-haul fleet?

  • http://www.globalwarmingisreal.com Thomas Schueneman

    Hey Terry,
    You’re right that 7 vehicles is just start. The true potential of the technology comes when it is scaled up. The initiative from UPS is indeed the start in that effort. After testing the first 7 trucks (“package cars”), UPS will use the data collected to plan a continued roll-out of HHV.
    I did get a chance to talk with David Abney, the COO for UPS, and he talked of the general commitment of the company to alternative fuel vehicles. I’ll have more information about HHV and other technologies in my next couple of posts.
    mk – yes, I think we will try to get an archive of the news conference.

  • Ted Selker

    I would love to know:
    ? the losses of the hydrolic transmission relative to mechanical transmissions
    ? the percentage of energy that is retrieved from brakes
    ?the efficiency of the regenative breaking compared to electrical approaches
    ?the amount of power stored
    ?the savings of this approach over electric hybrid (equipment, maintainance, run efficiency)