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Weekly Green Business Wrap-Up

| Friday November 7th, 2008 | 0 Comments

barak-60.gifWill Obama Bring Boom Times to the Sustainability Industry?
The good news, I think, is that those taking a strong position on sustainability and clean technology stood to prosper regardless of who won last Tuesday. The better news, as many of us expected, is that an Obama white house should accelerate things even more, bringing us a “tremendous ramp-up in energy efficiency” and much more…
Enough About the F’ing Light Bulbs
Refreshing candor from the President elect: EcoGeek reports Obama understands very clearly that it’s nice to plant a few trees, but anything meaningful has to come on a vastly larger scale. But will this sentiment come to, ahem, light?
gb60.jpgHow do you Introduce Efficiency in the Workplace? Show Employees the Bill
It’s one thing to ask for cuts in spending, impose rules, and turn down the master thermostat – but what if simply *showing* the bill to employees made a difference? It does.
city69.jpgEntrepreneurs Who Are Changing the Game
In this quick excerpt from Joel Makower’s new book, Strategies for the Green Economy, he suggests renewed optimism for the can-do spirit of today’s green entrepreneurs – leaving Ben & Jerry’s in the dust.
comp60.jpgAre the Same Guys that Skunked the Stock Market Going to be any Better at Carbon Trading?
Before we run away with optimism, take a quick reality check from TreeHugger’s John Laumer who suggests – “The very people that caused the banking system melt down – promoting and utilizing unregulated systems – are salivating at getting their little trading fingers into the carbon cap and trade business. And that’s a problem.” Is he right?


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