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“Clean Coal” Has Jumped the Shark

| Wednesday December 10th, 2008 | 2 Comments


Tomorrow morning, Jeff Siegel will have some intelligent thoughts about clean coal here on 3P. In the meantime, prepare yourself for an experience that takes greenwashing to a whole new level – The Clean Coal Christmas Carolers. I’m starting to pity these guys.
Ed Note: Apparently, so many people complained about this campaign, including a hilarious mention by Rachel Maddow, that it was pulled. Read more and see the painfully hilarious videos on TreeHugger.


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  • Jen Boynton

    OMG that is so bizarre. How do they not realize how spoofy that is? looks like there’s a rogue change agent working inside America’s Power!

  • adam

    Hillarious! in a sad, sad, sad and desperate way!