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Greetings from the tropical hinterlands! I’m updating you on all the best green business this week from Honolulu, where I’m visiting my family for the holidays. I’m a bit late with my wrap up, but I, personally, feel that my proximity to the international date line is totally reasonable justification. I might actually be early. I’ll leave you puzzling over that one while we get right to it!
mcdonalds-small.jpgGolden Arches Turn Green McDonalds talks up their new green franchises, efficiency standards, and employee education programs. Does it make you want to eat there? Give me a grass fed quarter pounder and we’ll talk, Ronald.

Seventh-Generation-logo.jpg Seventh Generation Unrolls Label Reading Guide, Makes Scrubbing Bubbles Less AppealingSeventh Generation unrolled a guide to make it easier to wade through all those pictures of happy bubbles doing your work for you to let you see the toxics within.
chaingang.jpg Out with the Chain Gangs, in with the Green Jobs Colorado aims to have prisoners making biodiesel. Read on to find out if they are using the fry oil from the cafeteria or those prisoners have to grow the switch grass too.

Dell Says Green Packaging will Save 8 MillionIn these dark climate times it’s nice to know that the rally cry of the sustainably business mavericks and mavens still holds water: going green can save you money!

wind-farm.jpg Rock, Paper, Scissors: Wind Trumps All Wind comes out on top in a recent study of environmentally friendliness of different renewable energy technologies. The technologies and fuel sources were ranked against 11 different criteria but big weightings were given to just two – greenhouse emissions over the full life cycle of their production and the levels of local air pollution.
Here at 3P we were busy talking about all those executives at big oil companies work on renewables.
Data centers were also a hot topic. We worried about them running out of energy And fantasized about them heating our swimming pools
And since my mom is so sweet to read Triple Pundit, and she lives in such a nice place, here is her favorite post of the week.

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