Motorola Launches “Carbon Neutral” Phone

trainingthefox.jpgMotorola recently launched what they claim to be first ever carbon neutral phone at the Consumer Electrics Show in Las Vegas. Additionally, the plastics used in the phone’s exterior are made from recycled water bottles. Enter the MOTO™ W233 Renew. The company signed up with to offset the carbon produced during the manufacturing process of the handset. Distribution and operating activities are also offset. Motorola invests in the Carbonfund’s program of renewable energy and reforestation investments.
When you take a close look at the phone you will see that the Carbonfund investment is not a free ticket to environmental utopia because the press buttons and the robust exterior are entirely made of the kinds of metals that still will need recycling at the end of the phone’s life. But, having said that, knowing that the plastics are 100% made of recycled bottles is hopeful, especially when competitors like Nokia and Samsung are using bioplastics made from food crops. The Carbonfund also awarded Motorola with its CarbonFree® Product Certification after an extensive product life-cycle assessment.

The cellphone comes with 2GB of memory and includes an MP3 player. Another central feature is its CrystalTalk technology. No Bluetooth or camera though. The phone will be on sale in the US through T-mobile within the next two months.
Finally a word about the packaging – which is ironically often in overabundance despite many tech company claims of producing environmentally friendly consumer products. Motorola kept the box to an absolute minimum and it’s made entirely of ‚Äòpost-consumer waste’, i.e. recycled paper, bubble wrap and plastics. Also provided is a postage paid recycling envelope, so users can send their old phone in for recycling.