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Green:Net 09 – “The First Green Conference for the Internet Technology Industry”

| Tuesday February 24th, 2009 | 1 Comment


Whether or not you’re an internet technology professional, if you’re a 3P reader you know the importance that IT and related technologies play in measuring and reducing the environmental footprint of an enterprise. Not only that, but you’ve come to appreciate the phenomenal entrepreneurial opportunities the sector presents. From smart grids to less resource intensive data centers, software and the web technologies that drive it has been a constant theme of discussion on the site.
Coming up in about a month, take a break from your routine and join our friends from the GigaOM network, along with me, for the Green:Net09 conference. It’s being billed as “The First Green Conference for the Internet Technology Industry” and judging by the impressive roster of speakers and attendees, is not to be missed.
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