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Jet Blue’s Jab at Corporate Excess Works

| Monday March 30th, 2009 | 0 Comments

Corporate sustainability is about more than just environmental concerns. It’s also about creating a livable, open, and creative corporate environment – for both customers and those inside the company. Though it might be a silly advertising stunt, Jet Blue’s recent online campaign is more than just hilarious. It’s effective and catchy, likely boosts internal morale and positions the company as a free thinking innovator (if you’re a Jet Blue employee feel free to pipe in).
The ad campaign,Welcome Big Wigs, is a series of videos featuring a snooty corporate exec teaching others how to fly coach for the first time. In light of the endless corporate scandals and excess of the past few years, his faux attitude may be less preposterous than that of some our real corporate players. Needless to say, it’s partly such outrageous, myopic attitudes that have landed our economy in its current state.
Amazingly, the National Business Aviation Association (who represent private, general aviation travel) felt compelled to write a scathing letter insisting that Jet Blue pull the campaign on the grounds that it maligned their industry out of context.
Pity the big wigs. If today’s CEOs can’t take a joke, then we’re in worse trouble than I thought.


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