Lifecrete: Genuine Eco-Masonry for Your Home and Office

lifeblock.png Gone are the days that we have to use toxic ingredients to build our homes and work-spaces. Lifecrete offers a new alternative for construction materials, one that ticks the boxes on the sustainability front for both a product and business model. But what does Lifecrete offer to make this choice attractive for builders and consumers?
In today’s building industry, going ¬®green¬® is paramount. In 2007, the National Association of Home Builders reported that 90% of builders incorporated green elements into their projects, reflecting a trend that we all want to live — or at least strive to live — more sustainable lives. But much of the green elements incorporated into construction are secondary aspects, such as solar panels, water management systems, or energy-saving white goods, and little has been done regarding the actual building shell.
As well, many green construction products are damaging to the environment, using the tag ¨energy efficient¨ to grab consumer attention but utilizing such elements as toxic plastic sealers, chemical conditioners, Styrofoam, and traditional concrete, which is a major contributor to greenhouse gas. LifeCrete changes this trend, bringing to the market an affordable choice in masonry, the LifeBlock, that is a genuinely green product.

Lifecrete eco-masonry is a load-bearing block that is made of a composite of plant fiber and non-toxic cement. According to the website, the product contains no toxic ingredients, creates energy efficient environments, and is reportedly not only carbon-neutral but in fact ¨carbon-negative¨ with the plant fiber in the masonry blocks acting as sequesters.
Some of the best features are that a typical home constructed with Lifecrete eco-masonry uses approximately one third of the utilities of conventional homes, plant crops for fiber used in its production are renewable and is highly appealing to builders as it eliminates the need for the ¨extras,¨ such as insulation, paint, and even wood framing. The LifeBlock is a blend of 80% renewable organic plant fiber with 20% non-toxic cement a fete not yet achieved by competitors.
In today’s market, just about everything is branded ¬®green¬® but very few products can demonstrate an actual commitment to sustainability. Amongst other things this indicates a dire lack of regulation throughout the construction industry, but it also shows a growing momentum for eco-building. When the veil comes off, companies like LifeCrete will succeed for their real commitment to going green.