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Net Impact: New Leaders, New Perspectives

| Monday March 16th, 2009 | 0 Comments

What do MBA students think about the relationship between business and social & environmental issues? If you’re a regular 3p reader, you’ve been introduced to a lot of MBAs who think quite consciously about this relationship and generally agree that business should play an active role in the conversation. Exactly where the conversation goes depends on the type of business, the issue, and one’s personal philosophy.
Net Impact’s new survey – New Leaders, New Perspectives offers some insight. From the executive summary:

As executives struggle to guide their companies through the current economic turmoil and regain public trust to do so, MBAs are cautiously optimistic on the role that business can play in improving the world. Less than a third of respondents think that corporations are working towards the betterment of society (31%). Yet, they believe that the for-profit sector should play a role in addressing social and environmental issues (88%) and that being responsible leads to corporate profits (77%). Of today’s graduate students, 90% blame a focus in business on short-term rather than long-term results as one of the contributing factors to the global financial crisis.

Download the whole report as a PDF here.


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