Weekly Green Business Wrap-Up

green-island-wallpapers_196_1024.jpgMaldives Going Carbon Neutral And it’s not just with carbon offsets! The island nation has committed to installing 1.1billion in renewable energy installations to power its 250 inhabited islands. Emissions from sources besides energy will be offset with EU carbon credits. Of course, an island nation like Maldives is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change– it’s refreshing to see them doing what they can to solve the problem.
happy_baby1.jpg Cereal Sold in Repurposed Baby Wipes Packaging Happy Baby Puffs organic baby cereal will be sold unused cleaning wipe containers, originally designed to house Method cleaning wipes. The old stock will last the Happy Babies one year, and the company spokesperson assured us that the containers were BPA-free. Happy babies indeed.
wind-farm.jpgWhat Climate Legislation Means for Your Business Climate Biz has a great feature on how carbon legislation will affect businesses and what business owners can do to prepare. Besides investing in renewables companies.
pouring_water_c.jpgUN: Half the World in Water Trouble by 2030 Almost half the world’s population will live in areas of high water stress by 2030 as a result of climate change, according to a new report this week from the UN. This is pretty scary stuff, and it calls for lots of entrepreneurs to get cracking working on water technologies while the carbon folks work on the climate change.
On the heels of that announcement…
IBM Announces Launch of “Smart Water” Division The company will be exploring technologies to clean water more quickly as well as distribution techniques to move it around. Way to be on the cutting edge IBM!

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