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American Airlines Launches Zero Emissions Zeppelin Service

| Wednesday April 1st, 2009 | 26 Comments

Starting next month, American Airlines will replace jet service on the transatlantic sector with solar powered LZ-2 airships – at zero emissions. The new 100% photovoltaic powered vessels will transport up to 500 people in the lap of luxury, featuring private suites, bars and restaurants, spectacular lounges, and an 18-hole frisbee golf course.

Twenty five years of cooperation between Boeing and the Poof Slinky company reduced even the manufacturing process of the LZ-2 to a zero emissions, zero waste process based on recycled material gathered in the North Pacific Gyre and re-purposed to aircraft specifications.

On a maiden test flight between New York and Helsinki last week, American Airlines CEO Gerard J. Arpey shared champagne with company spokesman Robert Plant remarking:

American Airlines is proud to usher in a new age of travel where humanity can once again relax – free from leg cramps, nonexistent overhead bins, and inedible snak paks.

To which Plant replied, “I believe I’ve lost my frisbee.”

To save additional resources, passengers may disembark over any landmass by ejecting in parachute bound pods.

Below, airship #23 arrives in New York:
1. Rigid Airship Frame with Helium Chambers
2. Photovoltaic Cell Network
3. Retractable Polycarbonate Roof
4. Terraced Deck with Lap pool
5. SkyView Lounge
6. Main Atrium with Climbing Wall
7. EarthView Restaurant & Bar
8. Spa Treatment & Library
9. Private Suites
10. Kitchen & Staff Rooms
11. Captain’s Bridge
12. Gantryway
13. Propulsion
14. Bungee Jumping Platform


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  • mantis108

    Nice, I cannot wait to ride on this thing. I missed the Led Zeppelin reunion tour so maybe I can kill two birds with one stone. Then again, this thing may go over like a lead blimp.

  • John Woodson

    OMGosh dude that is just WAY too cool!

  • Nyklus

    Ummm… April Fools Day Much?

  • Anonymous

    you are all APRIL FOOLS!! this is obviously not real… look at the picture

  • Nick Rivers

    Gotta be April Fool’s. The Frisbee Golf Course is the dead giveaway. That, and the fact that you’ve never heard a whiff of this until now.

  • Anonymous

    i know this is a 4/1 joke but, i have to admit, that would be pretty flippin awesome!

  • Alex

    never would they change their whole airline service… forget it! the stocks, the pilots, the everything… its impossible to change a whole company on the dime of a nickel…. if this were true, they would continue old company as is and start a new division…. way less risky…. no big company will get rid of its primary activity

  • stevo

    Poof Slinky!

  • Anonymous

    I hate April 1st.

  • tgs

    Wow! My roommate thought this was real. Anyone got any swampland in Oklahoma to sell?

  • Anonymous

    damn i wish this was real

  • kin

    its too bad this isnt real

  • http://www.new.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2099190&l=2a92334d8a&id=500110094 joe

    this would be cool if it wasnt APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    just another hoax..

  • http://www.ntopics.com/ ntopics

    All we need is the idea, because we know
    that science fiction often becomes reality.
    thanks from tony

  • http://killthemusic.com Killthemusic.com

    Looks really cool, to bad it’s April Fools, but nicely done anyhow :)

  • Anonymous

    Le poisson Avril

  • PJ

    this isn’t good april fools, it just makes me sad…

  • Anonymous

    Had me going until the part about ejecting passengers in pods over any landmass.

  • Anonymous

    Possibly the only April fool’s joke I’ve seen that I wish was true…

  • Michelle

    This may be reality in a few years…..This link
    is actually true.

  • Anonymous

    Lol at bungee jumping platform :)
    Would be a thrill for sure!

  • martin

    why the hell ARENT they doing this. wth. i’d go on it…and i know a LOT of people who would. and it’s better than their shitty ass normal airliners.

  • Mike

    I couldn’t make out where the Frisbee Golf course was in the schematic, can anyone else find it?
    Could be great elevation changes between shots, if they use the forward compartment. Imagine if they mix helium and oxygen in that chamber and then shouting “fore!!” in that helium voice.
    I’m in!

  • Caleb

    Why should this be considered a joke? Why not make this a reality, it seems awesome, and at the same time environmentally safe.
    Other than though, how awesome would it be to be flying in one of those? It reminds me of a phantasy world, e.g. Howls Moving Castle for instance.

  • sam

    haha very well done. a friend from http://www.affluence.org pointed this out to me before it was revealed as a joke

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