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Garbage Moguls: The New TerraCycle Reality TV Show

Tom Szaky | Tuesday April 21st, 2009 | 1 Comment

garbagemoguls%20%28Custom%29.JPG After 3 years of pitching networks, meeting with various producers, and all of the other Hollywood headaches we finally have our own TerraCycle Reality TV Show. Garbage Moguls, which debuts on the National Geographic Channel on Earth Day (4/22) at 9pm EST/PST, follows our team at TerraCycle as we take waste (in Episode 1, Oreo Wrappers and Coca-Cola Billboards) and figure out how to upcycle them into products (Oreo wrappers will become kites and billboards will be messenger bags) and then finally sell them to a major retailer (Oreo wrapper kites to Wal-Mart and Billboard messenger bags to Office Max). So tune in and also don’t forget to spread the word.

Our hope with the series is to bring awareness to trash and what one can do with it in a fun and exciting way. Perhaps this may become a vehicle to take upcycling mainstream?
We’d love to hear your opinion. If you were our executive producer, how would you ensure that the green movement sees the biggest impact, without hurting (and in fact growing) the ratings?
…And don’t forget to turn on your TV or TIVO for 4/22 at 9pm EST/PST!

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  • carouser

    Very clever; and much more respectable than most Jersey reality sleaze. Maybe Teresa Giudice can see if Szaky will throw her a couple of bucks for what’s left of her bankruptcy sale; or better yet, maybe Danielle Staub can take the fake hair that got ripped out of her head this season, and TerraCyle can turn it into something useful. We know Danielle is all about giving back to the community.

    There is an irony Szaky, and that is, you can take trash in Jersey, and actually make it worth something. Too bad you can’t recycle people.