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fail%202.jpg5 Earth Day Pitches that Failed For all the earth day haters out there, Green-Biz has a nice feature on the companies that tried to pimp their green cred on Earth Day but greenwashed themselves into a corner.
blog-landfill-new.jpgPlastic Bag Manufacturers Aim for 40% Recycled Content by 2025 That includes 25% post consumer plastic, my friends. In case you missed it, check out this great vid on the dangers of our plastic bag addiction.
walmart-logo.gifWal-Mart Doubles Solar Power Arrays Tricky math headline alert! Wal-Mart currently has panels on 18 stores and they are planning to add panels to another 10-20 stores over the next 18 months. Not super exciting, but with store energy consumption as high as it is, this represents a total solar energy capacity of 32 million kWh per year. Ahhh, economies of scale.

sunchips-logo_1__1_.gif Sun Chips Go Compostable Frito Lay strengthens the reputation of these treats as LOHAS hippie chips (at least they were before the days of flax seed tortilla chips and veggie booty) with the announcement that it is currently testing corn based PLA bags. Way to go Frito-Lay!
mars.jpg Mars and TerraCycle Team Up on Upcycling TerraCycle is out of this world, but we’re talking about the candy company. Through the new initiative, TerraCycle will collect waste from 20 Mars brands including M&Ms, Snickers, Altoids, Wrigley’s, Uncle Bens, Flavia, Pedigree and Nutro, and turn the waste packaging into everything from cell phone holders and laptop sleeves to messenger bags. In return for the leg-up meeting their goal of reducing waste 3% per year, Mars will promote some of TerraCycle’s consumer return programs.
Fed-Ex CEO Prefers Carbon Tax to Cap-and-Trade Fed-Ex CEO Fred Smith has joined the fine company of Rex Tillerson of Exxon-Mobil supporting a carbon tax over cap and trade. This sly move has the effect of allowing heads of carbon intensive companies to appear sensitive to the environmental damage associated with their industries, but this sneaky ploy is not to be trusted, since a carbon tax has next to zero chance of passing.
muscle%20flex.jpg Green Inc Challenges the Locovores with a brave op-ed on the dangers of local environmentalism.

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