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Weekly Green Business Wrap-Up

| Saturday April 4th, 2009 | 0 Comments

airplane.JPG Executives Lay out the Ten Challenges to Green Corporate Travel The first-ever Green Travel Summit ended this week with a group of executives identifying the biggest obstacles to traveling greener. It’s great that they met, and kind of a bummer than they ended on such a down note. Rest assured, Jet Blue has the solution!
sidwalk%20garbage.jpg Green Biz has the Scoop on the Most Wasteful Cities in America. The report was sponsored by Nalgene, who just *might* be hoping to get some of these cities to break their Aqua Fina addiction.
lightbulb1.jpgBrussels Says “Turn Out the Lights, You Think I’m Made of Money?” Frustrated by waste from lights turned on nation-wide, Brussels considers a ban on incandescent lightbulbs. My father would be so proud of their thrift.

2007-chevrolet-volt-concept-frontjpg.jpg Tesla Launches Model S Sedan, Securing 500 Customers in First Week Tesla secured 500 customers on the waiting list in the first week– no small feat since a spot on the list requires a $5000 deposit.
muscle%20flex.jpg BICEP Business Coalition Flexes Muscle on Climate Change Starbucks, Nike, and e-bay, among others, have teamed up on a business coalition to influence federal climate change policy. Grist says their initiatives might be stronger than the enviros’!
nuke-costs.jpgRecession Curbs Europe’s Carbon Emissions Filed under silver linings, carbon emissions dropped about 6% in 2008 in Europe, from 2.25 billion tons in 2007 down to 2.11 billion tons in 2008. At least poverty is good for something!
tires2.jpg Round 2 Pavement Pounding Worn-out car tires get a second chance on the road, this time as the soles of Timberland shoes. This fall, the company plans to incorporate recycled rubber into the outsoles of two lines of footwear– continuing to narrow the gap between man and car.
Finally, here at 3P, much hilarity ensued from our first April Fool’s prank. If only we were in charge, the world would be a much better place!


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