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Greendig: A Daily Video Sieve of the World’s Top Sustainable/Environmental News

| Wednesday May 13th, 2009 | 0 Comments

Karl Burkart, tech blogger for MNN.com has decided to make his own “humble attempt” as he puts it to, cover, “REAL current news (not tips and tricks) — about climate policy, conservation, new technologies, green business trends,” on his site, Greendig.
Not that he thinks what’s out there isn’t valid, but that it tends to skew to the lifestyle end of the spectrum. Definitely filling a need, but not meeting one he saw, for quick overviews of life and planet changing news.
It’s simple: In a five or so minute segment, he talks about the 5 top stories as he sees them, coming in from the blogs he reads, trends on Twitter, etc. It quickly gives context to and information about topics you may have had on the periphery of your awareness, or may not have even been aware of yet. In a world where there’s millions of voices on the web calling for your attention, Karl filters it down to the essential news of the day.
Let’s watch Karl himself explain why he’s doing this and what it will look like:

And, he intends this to be more than his single viewpoint of what’s news.

In the coming weeks, he will begin including guest bloggers (myself included) to speak about one top story. It should be both informative what they bring to the program, and interesting to put a face and voice to the words you’ve read online.
Check out the first video here:

Readers: Are we missing other news focused green video blogs out there? Fill us in please!
Paul Smith is a sustainable business innovator, the founder of GreenSmith Consulting, and has an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio School of Management in San Francisco. He creates interest in, conversations around, and business for green (and greening) companies, via social media. Who he has and wants to work with includes consumer, media, clean tech, NGOs, social ventures, and museums.


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