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SF To Build California’s Largest Solar Plant (Despite the Fog)

| Wednesday May 6th, 2009 | 2 Comments

If there’s one thing I know about being a longtime resident of San Francisco, it’s that it’s always hot and sunny here. Oh wait, did I say hot and sunny? I mean cold and ridiculously foggy. And the foggiest part of the city is, ironically, call the Sunset. Maybe it’s the name that threw them off when the SF Board of Supervisors approved a new 5-megawatt solar plant to be installed at the Sunset Reservoir.
Under a proposal approved Tuesday, Recurrent Energy, a privately owned solar power company, will create this new solar plant to sell the energy to San Francisco at a cost of about $2 million annually.

The Sunset Solar Plant will be the largest in California and is hoped to increase jobs while decreasing greenhouse gases. However, some members of the board of supervisors felt that San Francisco was being shortchanged. Their attempts at negotiating a better deal were unsuccessful.
The good news is that solar panels generate energy from light, not heat, so even Sunset’s near constant blanket of fog will not prevent energy production.


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  • http://www.boracayislandhotel.com Edward “diving Boracay” Martin

    This is great!
    A lot of energy will be conserve!
    Thank you for sharing!

  • WK

    In states like California and Hawai who reached “parity”, where the cost of fossil fuel is the same as solar, you will see more solar plants. The next best solar plant location is Arizona desert, the best windturbine location is Colorado mountains. Energy companies are waiting for government money to build these plants. Obama only delivered to the banks, owned by the richest in the world. True elitest.