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Green Tweets: Who to Follow on Twitter

| Tuesday June 16th, 2009 | 0 Comments

Mashable.com just posted their list of the top green tweeters. Personally, I still don’t spend much time on Twitter. I found it a great tool at Sustainable Brands, where 700 people could have a side conversation during speakers without getting asked to be quiet.
Who are the microbloggers we should be listening to?

According to Mashable, Twitter has a huge green community, including green media, green companies and green charities, as well as a whole bunch of individual environmentalists and green bloggers.
The #EcoMonday hashtag has grown into in a weekly green hub for following and sharing green news and information. Since today is Monday, I just checked it out. I didn’t find it so interesting, but there were dozens of tweets to wade through. Perhaps some gems were hidden in there if you know who to follow.
Top 75 to Follow
Marshable’s list includes 75 environmentalists, conservationists, green-living enthusiasts, eco experts and green organizations to follow on Twitter. The list is split into two categories–people and organizations/publications. Some key folks were left off the list, but have been mentioned in the comments. Are you listed? Should we be listening to you?
Personally, I think it is celebrities, such as Demi Moore, who have the star power to build green brands, as she did when she made a positive comment about SunChips compostable bag, contributing to thousands of media impressions in just a few days.
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Deborah Fleischer is the founder and president of Green Impact, providing strategic environmental consulting services to mid-sized companies and NGOs who want to launch a new green initiative or cross-sector collaboration, but lack the in-house capacity to get it up and running. She brings expertise in sustainability strategy, program development, stakeholder partnerships and written communications. And you can follow her occasional tweet at GreenImpact.


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