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Weekly Wrap-Up

| Saturday June 6th, 2009 | 0 Comments

quaker%20oats.gif Former Quaker Oats Boss Joins Seventh Generation as New CEO Maniscalco comes from PepsiCo where he was CEO of Quaker, Tropicana, and Gatorade (go fitness water!) Co-Founder Jeffrey Hollender will stay on board as Executive Chairperson and keep his title of “Chief Inspired Protagonist.” One to keep indeed.
TheHomeDepot.png Shareholders Nip Energy Efficiency in the Bud at Home Depot The $20 billion Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds had filed a shareholder resolution asking Home Depot to assess its company wide energy use in its buildings, transportation, and supply chain and set energy use reduction targets. Home Depot shareholders were having none of it and voted that resolution down right quick. So much for energy efficiency being an obvious cost savings.
The Green Future of the New GM
With the carmaker in shambles, Joel Makower of Greenbiz fame pontificates on the possibility of an environmentally responsible future for GM. Is such a thing too much to wish for?
Building_l.jpg Green Hotel Challenges: From Odd Soap to Wasteful Guests Hoteliers face all sorts of challenges in the green space from providing as-good services at the same costs with fewer bad side effects. This article is a great summary of stumbling blocks and successes for a hotelier trying to go green.
wind-farm.jpg China has Big Plans to Double Wind Capacity by 2010 China will spend about $15bn to more than double its wind power capacity from 12,000MW to 30,000MW by the end of next year. China badly needs clean power after it’s reputed 2 coal fired power plants built each week. This is a great start! In less exciting news, the Hummer leaves GM and moves to China.
Finally, at 3P, we’ve been extremely busy this week with lots of fantastic coverage:
Newly Discovered Decaf Coffee Plant Might Replace Chemical Extraction of Caffeine

Starbucks Uses Systems Thinking to Develop a Recyclable Cup
Tesla Recall: Setback for the EV Revolution?
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