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Earthbound Farm and Naked Juice Switch to All Recycled Packaging

| Saturday July 11th, 2009 | 2 Comments

Nakedjuice.jpgPepsi Co.-owned Naked Juice, and organic salad giant Earthbound Farm (no, not that giant) separately announced Thursday they were switching to all-recycled plastic for their container needs. Earthbound Farm’s announcement is the first by a cut-salad producer.
Naked Juice, the all-juice company with the spectacularly fruity website, said they plan to transition their entire product line to 100% recycled bottles by 2011, which would make them the first nationally distributed brand to do so, according to a company press release.
Which is kind of shocking.

What’s shocking is that there isn’t yet a single national brand with all-recycled bottles. Come on, guys! How hard is it to get recycled PET plastic? When Naked Juice finishes transitioning, it will reduce its virgin plastic use by 8.1 million pounds. Imagine if Coca Cola did the same thing.
Instead, Coke, anxious about falling sales in the US, recently announced they will start making some of their large bottles out of aluminum in an effort to lure consumers back to their product. Which sounds, at best, like a net zero improvement in sustainability.
A recent survey found that for consumers, environmentally friendly packaging ranks as the third most important factor in choosing a product, behind freshness and health benefits, according to USA Today.


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  • Jen Boynton

    Even more remarkably, they are going for 100% post consumer plastic! No remnants here…

  • Rob Evans

    It is remarkable that there is so little use of recycled packaging. I’m hoping there will be enough buzz about the Naked Juice decision that it will cause Coke to reconsider.