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Organic Odor Eraser from Poo-Pourri

| Friday July 3rd, 2009 | 0 Comments

PooPourri.jpgAt last, an organic way to eliminate odors before taking a crap. I’m so sick of all those harsh chemicals I usually use to spray the toilet before going number two. Oh no, wait a minute, I never spray the toilet with anything, because, frankly, pooping is about as natural as you can get.
But that doesn’t stop Poo-Pourri from coming out with a new all new organic bathroom spray, aptly named: “Nature’s Call.”

“Nature’s Call is sprayed directly into the toilet bowl before you go to trap and eradicate embarrassing odors at the source… Nature’s Call also does more than just improve air quality – it is environmentally friendly, safe for your septic tank and the planet.”
I know people use odor erasers, and it’s great that there’s an organic one now. But can’t we just all accept the fact that everyone poops, it smells bad, and that’s just a part of life?
This product takes an organic experience, makes it nonorganic, and then tries to bring it right back to organic. Still, if you’re trying to cover up the fact that your shit stinks, you may as well do it organically.


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